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If there’s anything we know for sure, it’s that excellent education is a human right. This is why, in 2016, we started right at the beginning: primary education of the highest possible quality for all children, regardless of their ability, cultural background or economic context.

Leeruniek is an award-winning edtech scale-up with an ambitious mission. We make instruments that allow schools to create a suitable and meaningful future for their pupils. Our products and services cultivate strong collaborative relationships as well as analytical skills. Our work makes the lives of crucial workers easier, and we’re very, very proud of that.

Why are we looking for a new senior full-stack engineer, you ask? Well, we have big plans for the future, and those plans require a strong, collaborative team that benefits from the tech industry's best practices. Who better to help us grow than a humbly confident engineer with a variety of experiences under their belt?

Development at Leeruniek

- Our product team is made up of two engineers, an engineer-data scientist, a UX designer, and a Design & Product Manager
- Our team works closely with the educational specialists in our company to ensure we walk our talk
- We work with Javascript (ES2015+), the React-Redux ecosystem, Python, Django, and a few other tools. Check out our complete stack over on Stackshare
- We score 11/12 on the Joel Test, are working on expanding our 70% test coverage, and work with Extreme Programming to collaborate smoothly
- We work in a cross-functional team in which space for technical debt, experimenting, autonomy, and close early-stage collaboration with designers and researchers is key
- Collective code ownership is important to us
- We work in a multinational English-speaking environment

Life at Leeruniek

- The best that science, education, and technology have to offer: embedded in our DNA is the understanding that multidisciplinary efforts yield the best results. Our scientific core values, technical knowledge, business savvy, and educational experience make it so that we have our hands in the clay of real-world educational problems.
- Autonomy: we trust the experience and critical thinking of our employees and don’t care much for a top-down approach. We create just enough structure to help teams collaborate with confidence. We look for how we can do it right, but aren’t afraid to admit when we get it wrong.
- Aan de Amsterdamse grachten…: our office is located in Binnengasthuis, a hub for social entrepreneurs in downtown Amsterdam’s University Quarter. Great coffee downstairs, everything you need just around the corner (including those beautiful canals), and the quietude of a courtyard outside your window.
- We’re moving on up: at Leeruniek we enjoy the dynamic environment of a startup and the benefits of a company that continues to grow. We have been hard at work to structure our teams effectively, and we’re reaping the benefits. It’s the perfect environment for a senior engineer looking to make an impact.
- No crazy hours: it’s important to us that you enjoy a rich life outside of Leeruniek. That’s why we seldom work more hours than our contracts state. Sure, we may stay another hour at times, but we make sure to leave the office an hour earlier the next day, too. We work hard and smart, and most importantly, sustainably.
- Build strong relationships: people join Leeruniek because they’re on a mission. Not just to improve education, but also because they want to learn with and from their colleagues. We’re not a “one year and I’m done” type of company. Many of our colleagues have been here for years, and maintain strong professional and personal relationships with one another.
- Take a break (seriously): uptime is only a recipe for success if you mix in a healthy dose of downtime. We expect you to take 25 days to recharge from all the hard work. Just make sure to have a fun photo collage of all your adventures ready when you return.
- Up your game: if we say “we like to watch you grow” then we mean exactly that. Expanding your expertise is crucial to us and that’s why we’ve budgeted for it. Whether it’s a conference, a course, or a book, we love to help you become who you want to be.
- We like to keep it simple: as a young company, we enjoy a fairly flat organizational structure. Sure, we have a strong management team, but don’t think they’re exempt from crawling underneath the foosball table if the rules of the game dictate as much. (Yeah, we’ll tell you more about that later.)
- We're hybrid: Leeruniek consists of about 30 fairly young, very enthusiastic, and kind people from the Netherlands and abroad. The pandemic requires flexibility, but it’s good to know that we love seeing each other live. Face-to-face interactions are where good old collaboration can thrive.

Other things you should know

- We offer a competitive salary based on your experience and skills
- Our BYOD policy gives you space to work with the hardware that makes you shine
- On your first day with us, we’ll DEMAND (in an ALL CAPS HAPPY YELLING kind of way) that you fill out your birthday bucket list. This way, we’ll have what we need to make your special day a national holiday.
- Got a doctor’s appointment? No need to ask permission for it. We just want to know when you’re out of office so that we don’t have to worry about you getting lost on the canals. To determine how well you’re performing, we instead look at how you treat your coworkers, what you produce as a developer, and how you make things better for the people who work with our product.
- Just know that, if you’re not one already, you will eventually become an Ajax supporter. Lots of people have tried before you, but it’s impossible to ignore the enthusiasm of the hardcore fans among us.
- Did we mention we’re doing really great things for Dutch education?


You, our new senior full-stack engineer

- You have 5 to 8 years of full-time experience working in a team as a full-stack engineer

- You have professional work experience with React and Python, and are familiar with the technologies in our stack

- You love driving products forward by writing scalable, production-ready, testable code

- You can ELI5 like it's nobody's business, helping non-developers understand what you're talking about with ease

- Designers enjoy working with you because you help them make better decisions, and product managers love your work because you make them feel they can trust your judgement

- You mentor with grace, and help developers in your team take their game to the next level

- You love challenging your team, stakeholders, and yourself, and you encourage technical innovation

- You're keen on working in an environment that allows for experimentation with technologies and practices

- Above all, when it comes to solving difficult challenges, you're in it for the long haul

You’re one of us if…

- You are, what we like to call, “humbly confident”

- You can express your thoughts, opinions, and needs

- You have lots of war stories about what it means to work in a product team

- You understand statistics. We don’t require that you bring a PhD in data science, but understanding graphs and analytics is important to us

- Communication, simplicity, feedback, courage, and respect are important values in your work

- You know how to handle accessibility issues

- You can accept a “no”, and are great at saying “yes, and -”


We know from experience how great it is to work at a company that welcomes and supports its employees, and that promotes social safety. What’s more, diversity in backgrounds, beliefs, validity, and experiences simply make for a better context in which we understand how the world works. At Leeruniek we strive to walk this kind of talk every day. We learn with and from each other, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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